Dr. Ben Wood Johnson

Ben Wood Johnson is a philosopher. He is an educator and the author of a number of publications (ouvrages), including three books about Jean-Paul Sartre.

Johnson is also a multidisciplinary scholar. His academic background includes John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Penn State University, and Villanova University. His professional expertise is also extensive. Johnson worked as a police officer, a secret service agent, intelligence officer, security consultant, political consultant, public administrator, and foreign language specialist.

Johnson’s recent works include a publication about bullying (Cyber-bullying and School Interventions), a novel about morality/ethics (Madame De Rouleau), and a text about world history (Forced Out of Vietnam). Other scholarly works include the following fields: public administration, criminal justice, politics, and education. His research interests center on the following: legal theory and principles, foreign policy, school leadership, and ethics. Johnson also investigated issues pertaining to juvenile detention, race, immigration, and crime.

To learn more about Johnson, visit my blog (www.benwoodpost.com). You may also visit his official website (www.benwoodjohnson.com).

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